Alexis approaches each undertaking with keen organizational and professional acumen; a warm, engaging personality; and a soulful intensity that is totally unique in my experience working with skilled facilitators. – Bob Ayres, Vice President, Shield Ranch Foundation, and President, El Ranchito

Over the last 15 or so years, I’ve worked with Alexis on multiple projects, with multiple companies and organizations. In each case, the common thread is that Alexis shows up with great energy, a curious mind, and no agenda other than to help teams get to the best possible outcomes. Alexis is insightful but also incisive — she manages to strike a perfect balance between exploration and efficiency. She is also a wonderfully direct, honest, and effective communicator. – Sue Levin, Chief Marketing Officer, Bolt Threads

Alexis is present, removing walls, creating true and deep connections with people and experiences; she pushes boundaries and challenges the team. The transformation in our Fishing and Women’s businesses was born from this bold work, which continues to inspire our brand direction today. – Frazier Blair, Vice President General Merchandising Manager, Orvis

Alexis has an uncanny ability to convey almost instantly the heart of the matter in branding — the deep issues of identity, meaning, and purpose that are the foundations of excellent strategic business communications. Her work is efficient, impeccably professional, and consistently productive — all while making it rewarding and fun. – Vikas Sinai, Executive Director, Lown Foundation