• clarity of purpose is essential.

    We are creatures of meaning; connecting with a sense of purpose inspires us. And as teams and organizations, arriving at clarity of purpose aligns us, so it’s a foundational step in all of our work.

    At Spot Inquiry, our work uncovers the purpose that drives your organization, teams, and people. Once revealed, this purpose becomes a critical tool, defining your priorities for the future — and inspiring action.

  • the answers come from you.

    In this dynamic and changing world, the old model of consultants coming in with “the answers” no longer serves. We believe that provocative questions and external insight can be catalysts, helping to uncover truths that already reside within your team. Our goal is always to help you unlock your own answers. This can only be done if your team is able to share honestly and listen deeply to one another. We create conditions where groups can intentionally “get messy," create shared understanding, and build a collective vision for the future they want to create together.

  • co-creation inspires commitment.

    Good ideas are just that, ideas. Without collective ownership the best idea or strategy will remain a potential, rather than an action. Our goal is always to design an inclusive process that invites diverse perspective because we’ve found this is the only real way to inspire a team to collectively move forward together.

  • the future is defined by strategy - and spirit.

    Groups do their most powerful work when they arrive at the intersection of strategy and spirit. We believe it’s a place of great possibility. We also know that the path to get there is not always direct. To that end, our work creates space for dialogue to unlock deeper understanding and connection. This means listening and speaking with intention — and trusting that knowing comes from the heart and the spirit as much as the head.

  • inspiration is born of not knowing.

    We are not on a hunt for pre-determined solutions or outcomes. Rather, we heed the advice of Rainer Maria Rilke, who said to “Live the questions now.” We begin each project with an open mind and heart, inviting our clients to relax the “knowing the answer” reflex and shift into a state of exploration. Though this “not knowing” is not always comfortable, we’ve found that it is this kind of open inquiry that illuminates the way to the future.